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In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Gentle Chiropractic Care brings many resources to the table when it comes to your treatment. All are proven to be effective at treating a variety of conditions without drugs or surgery.

 -   Applied Kinesiology

 -   Allergy/Sensitivity Elimination and  

      Reprogramming Technique  


 -   Biosonic Repatterning

 -   Cold Laser Therapy/LLLT  

 -   Detoxification Therapy

 -   Energy Balancer

 -   Herbal Medicine

 -   Homeopathy

 -   Ionic Hydrotherapy

 -   Lymphatic Massage

 -   Magnetic Field Therapy

 -   Nutritional consultation

 -   Orthotics

 -   Pelvic Blocking

 -   Visceral Manipulation


APPLIED KINESIOLOGY (AK): Developed in 1964 by Dr. George Goodheart, this in-depth system of analysis lets us see which of your muscles are working well, but more specifically, which ones aren't. By treating postural and muscular imbalances, nutritional status and cranial-sacral movement, we're able to devise a treatment program that addresses the entire body, not just the back.



ALLERGY/SENSITIVITY ELIMINATION AND REPROGRAMMING TECHNIQUE (A/SERT): The core principle of this technique is that all things in this world, living, dead or otherwise, have their own magnetic fields. When they don't interact properly with your body's energy, an allergy or sensitivity is the result. By reprogramming the brain's response to this energy, using low-level lasers and Applied Kinesiology, you can live life without fear of getting sick or having a sneezing fit.



COLD LASER THERAPY: The Erchonia cold laser has been widely used by athletes in the NFL, Tour de France and elsewhere, so you know it has to be effective. In short, these low level lasers help injuries start healing at the cellular level. They've also been shown to improve metabolism and circulation, and facilitate tissue regeneration.



EB 305 ENERGY BALANCER: You start by placing your feet in a vessel of bioenergetic water. Meanwhile the EB305 is creating an ionic field, using a direct current similar to the one flowing within your own body. Your body's PH and electromagnetic energy will be restored to normal, healthy levels. Individuals suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, allergies or edema have found this therapy highly beneficial.



NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: Just like it sounds, we examine your eating habits, medications and other lifestyle factors and determine whether a vitamin deficiency could be keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest. We carry the finest vitamins and herbal supplements on the market made by Nutri-West Nutritionals, or we can custom-order any brand you prefer.  



LIFESTYLE SEMINARS: Gentle Chiropractic Care welcomes the opportunity to help businesses, families, everyone in the community embrace a lifestyle that's conducive to optimal health and productivity. Whether it's ergonomic workstations or tips on how to incorporate more exercise into your already busy day, we'd love to talk to you and the people you care about most.


 -   Acid reflux

 -   Allergies and asthma

 -   Arthritis

 -   Autism

 -   Chronic pain

 -   Crone's disease

 -   Dyslexia

 -   Fibromyalgia

 -   Hormonal imbalances

 -   Immune suppression disorders

 -   Learning disabilities

 -   Migraines

 -   Orthopedic problems

 -   Phobias

 -   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 -   Traumatic Brain Injuries

 -   Tourette's Syndrome

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"Gentle Chiropractic Care customized their treatment to my specific condition and it was very effective. They definitely met my needs."

- Margaret S.

"My numbness was gone after my visit to Gentle Chiropractic Care."

- Anne O.

We have been providing quality care to our patients and their families for over 25 years.